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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter

Winter is notoriously known for the number of accidents that occur. While most people are underprepared for the season, there are things you can do to keep yourself safe.

Tips to prepare your car for winter

Driving on ice and snow is especially hard because the roads are slippery, it is cold, and sometimes barely visible. That's why you need to prepare for driving during the winter.

Repair Your Heating System

Short trips aren't too difficult to endure without heat, but picture what would transpire if you were confined in your car for a lengthy amount of time without heat. A functional heater can assist to alleviate daily unpleasantness during the cold weather, but it can also be an excellent preventative step.

Test Your Car Battery

The life of a car battery is constrained. A digital battery tester may be used to inspect the battery, ignition, and full charging station. A tester not only measures voltage but also conductivity and resistance value, providing you with a clear picture of the entire health of the battery. In addition, the tester examines the condition of your motor and alternator. Ensure you use a tester that operates on both traditional rechargeable batteries and gel and absorbed glass mat batteries. That way you may use the same testing on your motorbike and other equipment you might own.

Examine your Tires

Because a vehicle's tires are necessary for both maneuvering and stopping, they must be in decent health. This is true despite the weather, but it is more important when it is slippery and icy. Most experts advocate a minimum depth of 3mm throughout the winter, rather than the threshold amount of 1.6mm since this provides superior traction on ice and snow. You might also look at upgrading from summer wheels to winter tires since they give better traction in snow, slush, and ice.

Winter Car Maintenance in Williamsville, Elma, Buffalo, And Lockport, NY

Before setting out on the road, it is important to ensure that your vehicle is up to standard regardless of the weather. However, if you need a winter vehicle inspection, we invite you to bring your car into our auto repair shop for professional service!

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