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Does Power Steering Fluid Need To Be Replaced?

Modern vehicles have power steering, which means they use power steering fluid, a hydraulic fluid that transfers power in modern steering systems. The power steering fluid is crucial to proper driving and determines how responsive your steering wheel and system are. Maintenance of the power steering system is something most car owners are ignorant of, but it is essential. Replacing the steering fluid is part of power steering maintenance. In this article, we will show you why and how often the power steering fluid needs to be replaced.

Why Do I Need A Power Steering Fluid Replacement?

Power steer fluid can get contaminated after repeated use. The power steering does not burn so it will get dirty. Dust and other particles contaminate the fluid making the power steering system inefficient. The sludge will not go anywhere, so you should replace the fluid whenever you see it solidifying. If you don't it will slowly damage the power steering system. You should replace the power steering fluid to ensure the system functions optimally

When You Need Power Steering Fluid Replacement

You need to know the warning signs that indicate you need power steering fluid replacement. The first sign is when you notice your steering becoming harder. Difficulty controlling the steering wheel is another sign that you need to replace the steering fluid.
Whenever you hear noises like grunts, squeaking, or scraping, it is a sign you should replace the power steering fluid. The power steering fluid lubricates parts of the power steering system like pistons, valves e.t.c. When the liquid is contaminated, lubrication will be poor hence the steering will produce awkward signs signaling a fluid flush.
In rare cases, you will notice fluid leaking from the power steering system. When you see a red liquid in your garage or driveway, it is a power steering fluid leak. You should plug the leak and replace the fluid as it will be contaminated.
It is crucial to know when you need power steering fluid replacement. We invite you to Scruggs Automotive if you need power steering fluid replacement.

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