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​​Common Misconceptions Regarding Motor Oil

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, oil and filter changes are the most important task in preserving the performance and longevity of your car. Oil allows the various parts of your engine to move smoothly while minimizing friction. As a result, you will notice reduced wear, stable temperatures, and less likelihood of problems later in life.

Over the years, there's been numerous falsely spread information regarding motor oil and its changes. We're here to squash those lies.

Myth #1: Dark Oil Is Bad

While dark engine oil can indicate that your oil is bad, sometimes it doesn't. Certain oils can darken shortly after you get an oil change. There are other deciding factors like viscosity, smell, and levels to consider too when it comes to oil changes.

Myth #2: You Need An Oil Change Every 3K Miles

This 3,000-mark may have held true for all vehicles before, and it still applies to some today but not all. If your car has a complex engine and takes synthetic blend oil, it can last up to 10,000 miles or more before needing an oil change. 

Myth #3: If You've Let Your Car Sitting For An Extended Time, You Won't Need An Oil Change

Contrary to belief, you may need an oil change regardless of how frequently you drive your car. Say you've had a lifestyle change that didn't require you to drive every day; the motor oil sitting in your car can still go bad. It's best to stay on time with your oil changes no matter what.

Myth #4: Synthetic Oil Can Cause Leaks

When synthetic oil first hit the market, it was very skeptical because it did cause leaks for some drivers. Today, it seldom happens, thanks to advancements in the automotive industry. Formulas are much better and designed to protect your engine better and last longer between changes.


Did any of these interesting facts shock you? If your car needs an oil and filter change soon, or you have questions about our oil services, please do not hesitate to call or visit Scruggs Automotive.

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