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How to Handle Hydroplaning

How to Handle Hydroplaning

With the devastating flood resulting from Hurricane Ida rolling through New York, we thought it would be fitting to go over the topic of hydroplaning. Hydroplaning happens when a vehicle's tires start riding on a bed of standing water. When this happens, your car will lose traction as the tires spin on the water rather than making contact with the road. You can lose all control of the vehicle's steering, acceleration, and braking in severe cases. While hydroplaning can be a frightening conflict, there are several things you can do to stop hydroplaning from happening. Here are a few words of advice for preventing and correcting hydroplaning. Signs That You're Hydroplaning Small turns of the wheel have no effect in the direction of where you are going The engine may make sounds as RPM's increase because of the spinning wheels The steering wheel may start to vibrate as the wheels How to Prevent Hydroplaning There are several steps you should take to prevent or minimiz ... read more

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