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5 Ways You Can Increase Your Fuel Efficiency

5 Ways You Can Increase Your Fuel Efficiency

You may be thinking of ways to save money or cut spending in the climate of increasing inflation rates. When it comes to driving, you can cut costs by increasing your fuel efficiency in a variety of ways. Many of us have bad driving habits that once addressed can ensure we are both saving money and also improving the health and longevity of our vehicle. Check Your Tires The easiest way to increase your fuel efficiency and save money on gas is to make sure you have your tires pumped to the correct inflation. Improperly inflated tires are also one of the main reasons for tire damage, causing you higher costs of more frequent replacements over the long-term. While you're at it, get your auto repair shop to rotate and balance your tires for even greater fuel efficiency. Use the Right Oil Save yourself 5 cents per gallon by checking your vehicle manufacturer guide and try to use the thinnest-viscosity of motor oil for your car model. If you are getting your car professionally servic ... read more

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