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What Does a Knocking Engine Mean for My Car?

What Does a Knocking Engine Mean for My Car?

Engine knocking is always a troubling sign for your engine. The knocking is a result of your car burning fuel unevenly. As a result, it leaves a considerable amount of unburnt gasoline left in the cylinder. Whenever you experience knocking, it's time for a systematic search of your engine's fuel systems.   1. Make sure you haven't filled your tank with low octane-rated gasoline recently. As some of us may know, the wrong fuel octane for your vehicle can lead to irregular combustion and knocking. Next time you refuel, fill your car with gas that has an octane rating at or higher than what's recommended by your car's manufacturer. You can also supplement the existing fuel with an octane booster to hold you over until you can make it to the gas station.   2. Buildup on valves and spark plugs can create problems. Carbon can build up a layer on these parts. Consequently, it reduces the available volume inside the cylinder, increasing pressure. Usually, fuel ... read more

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