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When Does a Timing Belt Need to Be Replaced?

When Does a Timing Belt Need to Be Replaced?

The timing belt in every car is a necessary component of the engine that keeps the camshaft and crankshaft attune. When it gets old, it runs the risk of breaking, which can cause many problems for you and your car. Timing belts are typically made with tough rubber with durable steel or polyester threads running through them. They are also ribbed accordingly to ensure the perfect "timing" of the opening of the engine. As mentioned before, the belt surrounds the crankshaft and connects to the camshaft and pulley.   If your engine is experiencing weaknesses, your timing belt could very well be the cause of it. Some other signs of a bad timing belt include: Ticking or clicking noises Engine misfiring or runs rough Oil pressure decline Visible smoke To ensure your timing belt's condition, we recommend bringing your car to Scruggs Automotive for an inspection.   Why Replace Your Timing Belt? Replacing your timing belt will enhance your fuel efficiency and eng ... read more

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