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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Road Trip Games To Keep Your Whole Family Entertained

Road Trip Games To Keep Your Whole Family Entertained

The Great Family Road Trip Experience Road trips have either been looked at with excitement or dread. Time to arm yourself with games that will keep it entertaining along the way to your destination. We all know games like I-Spy and 100 Bottles of Beer on the wall. Both are classics and still great fun. But why not change it up a little? Today most kids will be on their electronics anyway, so why not get connected? Certain apps will let the whole family in on a game. (Minus the pieces to lose.) So here's a list of games that are great for using electronics. ScrabbleFamily FeudConnect FourChess/Checkers But what if not everyone has something to play with or the batteries die you might ask? Well then, make sure you've got pen and paper handy for these classic games! Hangman - The person whose turn it is thinks of a person, place, o ... read more

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