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5 Ways You Can Increase Your Fuel Efficiency

You may be thinking of ways to save money or cut spending in the climate of increasing inflation rates. When it comes to driving, you can cut costs by increasing your fuel efficiency in a variety of ways. Many of us have bad driving habits that once addressed can ensure we are both saving money and also improving the health and longevity of our vehicle.

Check Your Tires

The easiest way to increase your fuel efficiency and save money on gas is to make sure you have your tires pumped to the correct inflation. Improperly inflated tires are also one of the main reasons for tire damage, causing you higher costs of more frequent replacements over the long-term. While you're at it, get your auto repair shop to rotate and balance your tires for even greater fuel efficiency.

Use the Right Oil

Save yourself 5 cents per gallon by checking your vehicle manufacturer guide and try to use the thinnest-viscosity of motor oil for your car model. If you are getting your car professionally serviced, the auto repair shop should know which oil to recommend.

Stop Stopping

Save up to 99 cents per gallon by giving your brakes a break. You not only will save your brake pads and rotors from wearing out before their time, but will save money on gas. It takes a lot of energy to be constantly stopping and starting a heavy vehicle at speed.

Don't Be Idle

We now have the luxury of newer cars having an automatic switch off facility after a few seconds of idling. Did you know that you could be wasting a whole 2 cents per gallon for every 2 minutes you idle at traffic lights if your car doesn't have this technology? It takes a bit more work in an older car but you should get in the habit of manually turning off your engine when you are stopped in traffic to cut costs.

Drive at a Steady Pace

With every single acceleration your car engine is being demanded to work harder. By choosing to drive at a steady pace and reducing your overall speed you can save yourself 20 cents per gallon. In turn, you will also be saving money and time replacing worn parts on your vehicle from driving too abrasively.

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